Welcome to this madness. I'll proceed to tell you about all this in a Q&A form.

What exactly is this ?

Well, it's an effort to convert Jedi Outcast to real-time ray tracing using Q2RTX's path tracer.

Why this game at all?

I've always considered ray tracing the pinnacle of graphics and now that it can be done in real time I wanted to learn all about this new tech. Some months prior to the release of RTX cards I found out that Jedi Outcast's code had been open sourced and since I like the game I decided to combine both things.

Was it a wise decision?


How so?

I thought it was not going to be that hard since Jedi Outcast uses the Quake 3 engine and well, that one is the next iteration of Quake 2. They share some things but others are completely different and all that combined with old docs and stale posts in long dead forums made me want to die more than once.

But, you did it! Didn't you?

Well, getting there, there's a lot missing, mostly related to dynamic textures/materials that are used a lot in the game. Also all the textures need to be worked into PBR materials.

So... can I have it?

Maybe, I just need to add what's missing, fix bugs and clean up the code.

Hmmm, that code must be awesome.

I have no words to describe it, so here's a pic to illustrate its current state

Really? You must be terrible at this.

Well, thanks for that. Now leave me alone.

OK, but before I go, let me see some screenshots


Come On.


Check all those reflections
Photo mode
The power of PBR materials
State of the art direct illumination (ReSTIR)